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with the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator
Are you offering an innovative product with a focus on sustainability? Do want to grow quickly while optimising your impact? We're here to support you.
Applications for the first edition are now closed. You can register your interest for future editions.
Designed for early-stage startups

Designed for early-stage startups

The Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is a free three-month programme that supports early-stage startups that develop products designed with their environmental impact in mind.

Experience from sustainability innovators

We have partnered with EIT Climate-KIC, Europe's leading climate innovation hub. We have designed a programme that ensures that startups receive support across a wide range of areas, such as e-commerce and impact.
Climate KIC

What does the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator provide?

Business reinforcement

Business reinforcement

€12,000 grant
€6,000 in advertisement click credits
$25,000 in AWS Activate credits
Specialised mentoring

Specialised mentoring

The Accelerator brings together e-commerce experts, physical products focused on sustainability and startup growth.
Personalised curriculum

Personalised curriculum

Workshops, bootcamps and expert speakers, covering a range of key topics for any company in its early stages and ready for success.
Applications for the first edition are now closed. You can register your interest for future editions.

What other benefits are available?

Free one-year access to Amazon Launchpad
Dedicated support and free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year so as to benefit from visibility with Amazon customers. Amazon Launchpad is a one-stop store to find unique and unexpected ideas proposed by exceptional startups.
Climate impact assessment
Understand the potential climate impact of your product, develop strategies to optimise it and receive external validation.
Workspace for three months at Amazon's headquarters in Shoreditch, London.
The Accelerator will be a hybrid arrangement. Startups can meet online or in person. This will depend on COVID-19 restrictions.
Learn from colleagues and exchange opinions with a community of founders sharing the same focus on sustainability.
What other benefits are available?
Main eligibility criteria

Main eligibility criteria

Phase: Startups in the early stage.
Product: Physical products with a focus on sustainability. Companies must be in the phase after prototyping, with (some) production capacity.
Location: Headquartered in the EEA (European Economic Area), Switzerland or the United Kingdom.
Themes: We are looking for startups that want to make it easy for customers to shop sustainably. Products that show measurable improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability, including: Recycled and refurbished materials and products, reusable everyday products, eco-friendly and technological gadgets, sustainable clothing, alternatives to plastic, etc.


Partnering with Amazon gives us the opportunity to improve our e-commerce distribution and provides more people with access to a sustainable and affordable hot water solution.
Faisal GhaniSolariskit

The process

The process
Applications for the first edition are now closed. You can register your interest for future editions.

Startup selection committee:

Aditi Singh
Aditi Singh
Amazon Launchpad EU GM
Cyrus Wadia
Cyrus Wadia
Amazon Head of Sustainable Product
Aimee Apel
Aimee Apel
EIT Climate-KIC Accelerator Lead
Adiari Vazquez, Ph.D.
Adiari Vazquez, Ph.D.
The Climate Pledge Fund at Amazon


What is the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator?
The Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is a three-month programme designed to support early-stage entrepreneurs in building sustainability-focused products. We offer expert-led workshops, mentorship, office space and network access to help you navigate the challenges of starting a company within the world of sustainability.
How do I apply for the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator?
You can apply for the Accelerator at Requests must be submitted in English by 25 March 2022. Applicants must be prepared to commit to a three-month programme starting on 3 May.
How do I know if the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator is right for me?
Typically, the Accelerator is suitable for companies in the early stage of their business, in the pre-GTM (go-to-market) phase, or within two years of launching their first product. It's ideal for entrepreneurs who aspire to use e-commerce to improve the growth of their products. We're looking for companies that may be small today, but have huge potential. Since you're probably at the beginning of your journey, we're not expecting vertical growth just yet, but we're looking for clear opportunities for improvement.
Which types of companies are suitable?
The programme is best suited to startups that build products offering improvements in at least one aspect of sustainability, and that are committed to building and growing their business while keeping their environmental impact in mind.
Does Amazon charge a fee for startups that enrol in the programme?
The Programme is free of charge, and Amazon does not require company shares.
Do I have to move?
No, the accelerator will be a hybrid arrangement (both online and in-person support), allowing companies to benefit from face-to-face assistance when it's most needed while having the flexibility and ease of participating in online activities.
What benefits are part of the Amazon Launchpad Sustainability Accelerator?
  • A three-month accelerator programme that includes workshops, mentoring and access to the Amazon network
  • Free workspace (subject to ongoing government guidelines regarding COVID)
  • €12,000 in funding
  • $25,000 in AWS Activate credits
  • €6,000 in advertisement click credits
  • Free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year
  • How many companies will participate in the Accelerator?
    Each Accelerator group will include 8–12 companies.
    Do I have to join Amazon Launchpad?
    Participating companies are not required to join Amazon Launchpad after the accelerator; however, given its synergy with the programme, we believe that it would be beneficial for the selected companies.
    How will the selection committee evaluate startups?
    All applications will be evaluated individually on their merits and the committee will determine the chosen companies on the basis of the selection criteria, which include an evaluation of the following:
  • The founding team (experience in the chosen industry, experience growing a business and eligibility for an early-stage accelerator)
  • Opportunity (how large is the chosen customer pool and is it growing?)
  • Business model and impact on sustainability (sustainability of the business model and impact on the environment)
  • Validation of the solution (if the product solves the identified problem)
  • Programme eligibility for the participating business (if the applicant company can fuel its growth using e-commerce)
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