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I think B2B customers differ from B2C customers in that their average order value is higher, they display greater loyalty and the business relationship is easier.

Jesús González Burgos
Director and founder of Clim Profesional
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Our secret to emerging in a highly competitive market

With a firm belief in the potential of online channels, Jesús González Burgos founded Clim Profesional in 2014 with the purpose of selling cleaning products online to B2B customers. The company is based in Salteras, a small town near Seville in the south of Spain, and sells cleaning, hygiene and disposable items to the B2B segment. It also manufactures products under the brand name Clim Profesional.

The cleaning products sector is extremely competitive because it can be difficult to offer something that stands out from the competition, but Clim Profesional found the solution: "Our mission is to provide excellent service at all times and create trusting, long-term relationships with B2B customers", says Jesús González Burgos, director and founder of Clim Profesional.

Following the boom during the Covid pandemic, the cleaning products sector has returned to normal and has stabilised on the characteristic trend that is not affected by seasonality.

We started selling on Amazon before Amazon Business was developed

Clim Profesional was an Amazon selling partner even before Amazon Business was launched but, being focused mainly on B2B sales, the company recognised the extraordinary potential of this service immediately. "Right now, around 30–40% of our revenue comes from Amazon, and the percentage is increasing each year. This is why we consider Amazon a very important partner for our business", Jesús remarks. Amazon Business and Fulfilment by Amazon have helped Clim Profesional move beyond the borders of Spain and Portugal and expand its activities throughout the European Union.
Amazon Business has given us the valuable opportunity to reach and retain new B2B customers.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and founder of Clim Profesional
"We use other online marketplaces too, but we really appreciate Amazon Business's focus on B2B. What we appreciate most about Amazon is the importance given to B2B sales and the presence of tools that are not available on other marketplaces (such as the ability to set different prices for different companies or provide quantity discounts)", emphasises Jesús.

Jesús explained that his company doesn't just sell products, but also uses the Amazon Business B2B segment to purchase materials: "As a customer, I can say that Amazon is very secure and reliable because it allows me to interact with professionals who can meet all my needs".

I think B2B customers differ from B2C customers in that their average order value is higher, they display greater loyalty and the business relationship is easier

We asked Jesús to tell us about some differences between B2B and B2C customers and this is what he said:

One of the main differences is the average order value. B2B customers tend to buy in bulk. Even if the lowest price per unit offered to B2B customers is lower, the average purchase value is always higher.
The average value of orders placed by B2B customers is increasingly higher compared to B2C buyers, because companies tend to buy in bulk and with greater frequency. What's more, managing any problems or setbacks is always easier when interacting with B2B customers.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and founder of Clim Profesional
Moreover, the relationship established with the customer is very different, especially in after-sales activities. When there are returns requests or other issues, resolving them is much faster and more efficient than when dealing with B2C customers.

Delivery times and logistics are also easier than when we have to ship to private addresses. By focusing on B2B customers, we've improved our delivery times and shipping efficiency.

And not forgetting loyalty and order repetition: B2B customers have a higher retention rate than the B2C segment. B2B customers who like a certain product tend to purchase it again and again in the long term.

In conclusion, Jesús said that his experience as a selling partner has improved since he started focusing on B2B customers. His B2B customers are extremely diverse because all businesses need disposable cleaning products, but his clients are mainly companies (communities, corporate offices) or else working in the healthcare (hospitals), education (schools, universities etc.) and catering sectors.

How we used Amazon Business tools to strengthen our B2B sector

"About 80–90% of our business depends on B2B sales. When creating the catalogue, the feature we use most often is that relating to quantity discounts to encourage bulk orders. We've noticed that B2B customers are very attracted to these types of promotions. We've also made use of "Manage quotes", which enables us to offer targeted discounts for special requests", Jesús continued.

He then recounted his personal experience with business pricing: "We found it very useful to be able to offer more favourable business pricing than B2C prices, because we know that B2B customers tend to buy large volumes and have a greater propensity for loyalty. We then choose to modify the prices to create stable, long-term relationships with our B2B customers".
The VAT Calculation Service helps save sellers and buyers time and effort, making business relationships more profitable for everyone. This service eliminates much of the tedious communications with customers because the Amazon service handles billing.
Jesús González BurgosDirector and founder of Clim Profesional

My advice for developing a B2B business and succeeding on Amazon

"Amazon is a key tool in developing our brand, giving us the opportunity to showcase our products in a virtual shop window that can be seen by millions of potential customers. Furthermore, Amazon provides all the tools you need to improve visibility, such as the Brand Registry, which offers exceptional guarantees in terms of brand protection", Jesús concludes.

This is his advice: "We encourage all selling partners to learn the differences between B2B and B2C customers and adapt, offering special unit pricing for businesses and quantity discounts because they are two very effective tools for attracting B2B customers' attention".

Finally, Jesús stressed the importance of providing good service to B2B customers because it "ensures shopper loyalty and helps build long-term relationships".
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