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Your guide to selling new or used furniture on Amazon

In recent years, buying furniture online has become increasingly common. New and used furniture can be sold. If you are moving or need more space at home, selling furniture online is a great idea to get rid of the furniture you no longer use and to make some money.

If you are a craftsperson or a company that produces handmade furniture, selling it online can help you gain more customers and find your niche market.
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
sell furniture online

    How to sell furniture online

    Selling furniture online is very similar to selling any other type of product. The selling partner can choose whether to rely on simple web ads, social networks or websites specialising in online sales.
sell furniture

    Sell furniture on Amazon

    The first step to selling furniture on Amazon is to register as a selling partner. At this point, you'll need to choose between two selling plans:
    • Individual selling plan: with a fixed cost per item sold
    • Professional selling plan: with a monthly cost.
    You can always change your choice of plan later.
    The next step in selling furniture on Amazon is to enter the items you want to sell in the product category: Kitchen and Home. Amazon offers a comprehensive guide for new selling partners.


    To sell furniture online, it is important to prepare precise, detailed descriptions, specifying the exact colour, material and dimensions of the furniture. The description must always be accompanied by high-quality photos that are in focus and let you see the furniture from different angles.


    Fulfilling shipments of furniture items is not easy, but Fulfilment by Amazon offers valuable support for all those companies that do not have a business structure capable of supporting certain logistics flows.
    To use Amazon's logistics services, you must select Fulfilment by Amazon when listing your products and then send your items to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre, where they will be stored.
    Amazon's own members of staff are responsible for packaging, shipping, customer service and managing any returns.


What furniture items can I sell on Amazon?
There are no specific restrictions, so it is possible to sell any item of home furniture: both indoor items, such as sofas and beds, and outdoor items, such as garden tables or chairs.
Why are the photos and description important?
In online sales, the buyer cannot physically see the item of furniture they intend to buy. A detailed description of the materials and dimensions of the item for sale is thus essential to help the buyer understand if the furniture they intend to buy is what they are looking for. Alongside the description, high-quality photos that show the product from different angles are just as important.
Can I sell used furniture on Amazon?
Yes, it is possible to sell used furniture on Amazon. To learn more about how to sell pre-owned furniture, consult the Guide to selling pre-owned items online.
How to sell furniture on Amazon
Here are the steps to take and requirements for selling furniture on Amazon:

1. Sign up for an Amazon seller account. You can see the requirements here. 2. Choose your selling plan. You can sell as individuals or as professionals.
3. List your products in their respective categories. Add product details and create a detailed page.
4. Attract customers by using different resources and services to increase your exposure.
5. Track sales, provide excellent customer service, and explore all opportunities for growth.
How profitable is it to sell furniture on Amazon?
Selling furniture on Amazon can be profitable, as these products are in high demand. To increase your chances of success, it's important to develop a business strategy and take advantage of the many programmes and services offered by Amazon.

Amazon offers growth opportunities and fulfilment services, such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), to selling partners. These services can facilitate logistics, provide visibility, and increase the chances of improving online sales. In addition, sales partners can expand their horizons and sell in Europe or internationally.
What are the advantages of selling furniture on Amazon?
Amazon is a large and dynamic e-commerce site that offers many advantages to sellers, including:

1. Reach a global audience of millions of active customers every day.
2. Expand your business globally with Amazon Global Selling.
3. Use Amazon's marketing and advertising tools to promote your products and reach more buyers.
4. Simplify logistics and customer service with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).
5. Register your brand on Amazon and build a strong brand reputation.
6. Sell pre-owned furniture to a specific audience.
How much commission does Amazon take when selling furniture online?
The cost of selling furniture on Amazon depends on your selling plan, product group, fulfilment strategy and other variables.

For the furniture product group, Amazon applies referral fees (including the tax on digital services) of 15.45% and the minimum commission per item is €0.30. More information is available here.
What resources are available for sellers who sell furniture on Amazon?
Sellers can benefit from a series of resources to sell furniture, or any other product group, on Amazon Italia.

For example, Amazon Seller University offers free access to educational resources on a variety of topics, such as optimising product advertisements, advertising and customer service. Sellers can also learn about tax requirements in the VAT Knowledge Centre.

To help sellers increase their exposure and reach, Amazon offers a range of services and programmes, such as Advertising, Brand Registry and Automated Pricing. These growth resources can help sellers to succeed in selling online on Amazon.
How can I send my furniture to buyers?
There are two main ways to ship your furniture products to buyers. You can use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), a service where Amazon stores, picks, packs, ships and provides customer service for your products; or you can ship them yourself.

Many selling partners use a mix between Amazon fulfilment and shipping their own orders. For more information on shipping and fulfilment, see the site.
How do you create a product listing to sell furniture on Amazon?
Once you sign up as a seller on Amazon, you'll need to list your furniture products. You don't need prior approval to sell furniture on Amazon.

A product listing includes:

1. Product identifier: A unique identifier for the product, such as a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), Universal Product Code (UPC), International Standard Book Number (ISBN) or European Article Number (EAN). You can get a UPC code directly from GS1, or request an exemption.
2. Stock Keeping Unit (SKU): A unique identifier for your product, created to keep track of your inventory.
3. Offer details: Includes price, product condition, on-hand quantity and shipping options.
4. Product details: Includes the product title, brand, product group, description and images.
5. Keywords and search terms: Help shoppers find your product when searching for relevant terms on Amazon.

For more information on adding products, click here.

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