Become an Amazon seller

Get a 10% bonus on your first €45,000 in branded product sales
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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Incentives for new sellers

Start selling with €47,250 in incentives

Are you ready to start selling on Amazon? As a new seller, you can benefit from a range of incentives.
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A 10% bonus on your first €45,000 in branded sales, then a 5% bonus throughout your first year, up to a bonus value of €47,250*
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€90discount on Amazon Fulfilment Network shipping fees using the Amazon Partnered Carrier Programme or €180 credit towards fulfilment costs when using Amazon Global Logistics
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If you use FBA, you can benefit fromfree storage and customer returns with automatic registration for the FBA New Selection Programme
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Additional credits: €180 for Amazon Vine customer reviews, €45 for Amazon Sponsored Products ads and €45for Amazon vouchers
*Applicable only if you register your brand in the Amazon Brand Registry

Sell more with Amazon

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Brand new startups and Fortune 500 companies. B2B and B2C. Brand owners and resellers. They all sell on Amazon to reach hundreds of millions of active customers around the world.
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Choose from flexible selling plans, product categories and fulfilment options that fit your business needs.
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Leave delivery, returns and customer service to us with Fulfilment by Amazon. Want to take care of delivery yourself? You can.


“I must say that Amazon allowed us to achieve great visibility immediately, leading to an exponential increase in sales. Suffice to say that since we joined Amazon, our device sales have tripled”.

Pier Carlo Montali
Chief Executive Officer, SecurityWatch

Start selling today

Selling on Amazon allows you to reach tens of millions of customers, whether you're selling one product or millions.
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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