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Discover Amazon Compliance Solutions that help you to comply with European Union tax regulations.

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VAT Services on Amazon

Grow your business while we simplify the fulfilment of your VAT obligations.

VAT Services on Amazon is a practical and convenient solution that allows you to manage VAT registration and reporting obligations through carefully selected tax service providers. The service is currently available in the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and Czechia.
VAT Services on Amazon
Expand your business abroad
We help you obtain all the VAT numbers you need to sell in the European Union.
Use the services integrated into Seller Central
Get help from the best tax service providers directly on your Amazon dashboard.
Use the service even for non-Amazon transactions
Get a tax registration number and complete the VAT return even for sales made on non-Amazon sites. We care about your business.


Currently50,000 sales partners are using VAT Services on Amazon to fulfil their compliance obligations.


Choose from our 5 tax service providers, which have been carefully selected to offer professionalism, support and quality services throughout Europe.

How it works

Step 1

Select the countries where you want to register for tax purposes and file VAT returns, choose a tax partner, and provide VAT numbers (if available). Wait for your tax consultant to contact you and explain how to proceed.

Step 2

Find and upload documents
Provide information related to your business, prepare and upload to Seller Central the documents (about your company/product details, etc.) that your tax consultant has requested from you for registration.

Step 3

Check and sign the documents
Your tax consultant will complete the necessary forms with the information you provide. Check and sign them online on Seller Central. Once you have signed them, your tax consultant will contact the tax authorities on your behalf.

Step 4

Start completing the VAT return
After the tax authorities have approved your request, you can download the VAT certificate directly from Seller Central.

VAT Services rates and fees on Amazon

The service rates and subscription do not involve any hidden costs. You can subscribe or cancel your subscription at any time.
For more details on VAT Services on Amazon and the associated costs, download the following PDF document available in the following languages:

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*only for sales partners that are already registered

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