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Confagricoltura "Amazon Accelerate"

Confagricoltura (the General Confederation of Italian Agriculture) supports Agriculture 4.0, because thanks to innovation, farms can lead the way in the sustainable and competitive transformation demanded by the market

Amazon Accelerate webinar
Confagricoltura is the oldest organisation established for the protection and representation of agricultural enterprises. It is committed to the development of farms and the primary sector in general, for the benefit of the community, the economy, the environment and the local area. Promoting access to business innovation, the sustainability of agricultural practices and the competition of companies in domestic and international markets.

Confagricoltura is widely present across Italy, through regional federations (in all regions), provincial unions (in all provinces), local offices and municipal delegations (over 2,200 offices), as well as through trade federations (headed up by regional and provincial trade unions for the product group) and product federations (including the corresponding regional and provincial areas of the product).

The Agri-Digital webinars: marketing and digital communication to support business, starting with an in-depth analysis of emerging trends in the field of agri-food sustainability, designed to inform you of the most advanced methods, techniques and tools in terms of stakeholder engagement, marketing and digital communication. Through a highly practical approach that combines theory with practical case studies, users will therefore be able to discover and implement effective marketing and communication techniques for selling their products and expanding their online business.

Who is the target audience of Amazon Accelerate's Virtual Academy in collaboration with Confagricoltura?

The webinars are aimed at small and medium-sized Italian enterprises operating in the agri-food arena that want to undertake an online sales strategy. Agricultural enterprises, food producers and the entire agri-food chain will find this content useful.
Amazon Accelerate – Create and accelerate your online sales business – Confagricoltura


Date and time: 27 May at 5:00 p.m.

1. The evolutionary scenario of the agri-food market

presented by Denis Pantini

• New approaches to consumption/purchase of food products
• The profile of online buyers
• Growth prospects of the digital channel for agri-food products
• Opportunities for agricultural enterprises

Date and time: 7 June at 5:00 p.m.

2. Communicating the sustainability of agri-food

presented by Carlo Alberto Pratesi and Ludovica Principato

• Introduction: The future of food sustainability
• Marketing and sustainable communication of agri-food products
• Opportunities for agricultural enterprises
• Focus on food waste: data, cases and trends
• Creating shared value: Case study of SpesaSospesa and Regusto
• Take home messages

Date and time: 17 June at 5:00 p.m.

3. Marketing 4.0: New connections between company and customer

presented by Carlo Alberto Pratesi and Ludovica Principato

• Introduction: Customer centricity and relationship management
• Digital trends in the agri-food sector
• How to find the right social media platforms
• Where are your customers?
• What types of content do you create?
• Take home messages

Date and time: 21 June at 5:00 p.m.

4. Stakeholder engagement in agri-food supply chains

presented by Carlo Alberto Pratesi and Ludovica Principato

• Introduction: Stakeholder engagement as a strategy for sustainability
• Stakeholder engagement to communicate sustainability
• Case study: Barilla
• Case study: Skretting and Co-op
• Take home messages

Date and time: 28 June at 5:00 p.m.

5. Step-by-step guide to selling on the Amazon store and the Made in Italy storefront

During this event, the Amazon team will explain the necessary steps for starting out with online selling and how to get involved in the Amazon Made in Italy storefront

• Presenter introductions
• The Amazon Made in Italy storefront
• How to sell on Amazon, in just a few steps
• Questions and answers in real time: our experts answer your questions live and via chat
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