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On average, B2B customers tend to have larger baskets and return products less frequently

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What is Amazon Business?

With Amazon Business, you get access to all existing Amazon customers. Plus, you have the opportunity to increase your sales by reaching new business customers of all types and sizes.
Che cos'è Amazon Business?
Amazon Business serves organisations of all sizes, including 15% of MIB companies, schools, universities and charities.

Amazon Business offers Italian companies the opportunity to increase exports throughout Europe. In fact, 23% of sales on Amazon are made outside of Italy.

Selling on Amazon Business

Whether you're a small business or a large manufacturer, Amazon Business lays the foundations to transform your company through B2B e-commerce.
Reach millions of B2B customers around the world and maximise your account's potential by using Amazon Business features, which will help you learn about your B2B channel and customise offers based on the needs of business customers.
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Additional features for Business sellers

Automatic invoice creation

Automatic invoice creation

With Amazon invoicing solutions, you can create and issue VAT invoices or receipts for VAT-exempt selling partners at no additional cost. You'll have access to detailed reports and can benefit from a stronger relationship with customers, thanks to the guarantee of issuing an invoice for each transaction.

Display prices excluding VAT

The VAT Calculation Service calculates the VAT included in your listing price in order to display prices excluding VAT on listings for Amazon Business customers. Companies tend to make purchasing decisions based on prices excluding VAT, so we'll compare these prices, if available, in order to determine the featured offer.
Add business prices and quantity discounts

Add business prices and quantity discounts

Create and automate a pricing strategy exclusively for Amazon Business customers and incentivise them to make bulk purchases by offering a variety of quantity discounts.

Accept requests for quotes

Amazon Business customers can specify the number of product units that they want. If you are able to provide the requested quantity, you can respond with a discounted offer.
Grow with recommended products

Grow with recommended products

Get detailed reports of the products most requested by Amazon Business customers and increase B2B sales. To identify the recommended products that you should add to your catalogue, we analyse the purchase trends and products requested by Amazon Business customers, which are constantly growing.
Create exclusive offers for businesses

Create exclusive offers for businesses

Choose to make products and prices available only to Amazon Business customers.
Start selling on Amazon

Start using Amazon Business

Amazon Business is Amazon's B2B store. It offers business customers the pricing, selection and convenience of Amazon, with features and benefits designed for businesses of any size.

Phase 1

Register as a seller
As a registered Amazon Business seller, you'll benefit from a new suite of specialised features to reach business customers. Learn more about creating a seller account.

Phase 2

Upload your listings
You can add products to your Amazon store catalogue one at a time or in large groups, using the bulk upload tools

Phase 3

Automate VAT invoicing
Provide your tax information and our free VAT Calculation Service will automatically generate VAT invoices on your behalf and show prices excluding VAT to business customers, helping you increase your sales.

Phase 4

Increase sales with specific B2B features
Use B2B Central to understand and track your B2B performance, customise your offers to the needs of business customers by offering business pricing and quantity discounts, and expand your selection with recommendations on the most requested products

Phase 5

Ship your orders and receive payments
We'll notify you when customers place an order. Use Fulfilment by Amazon and choose whether to entrust Amazon with the shipment or handle it yourself.
Amazon deposits the payment into your bank account regularly.
Learn more about selling to other companies

Learn more about selling to other companies

Learn more about becoming a Business seller and how to reach millions of business customers around the world using a single Seller Central account.

Contact us to learn more about the different aspects that make up part of your seller journey.


Any questions? See a list of common questions in the frequently asked questions section below.

About the programme

What are the differences between Amazon Business and Selling on Amazon?
As an Amazon Business seller, you have access to all the features of a Professional seller account with In addition to Selling on Amazon features, becoming an Amazon Business seller allows you to meet the specific requirements of business customers, offering features optimised for B2B transactions including pricing for certain quantities, business prices and more.
What does it cost to offer products as an Amazon Business seller?
At this time, selling as an Amazon Business seller does not incur additional costs. Selling partners pay the fee for signing up to Selling on Amazon. The option to sell to businesses is included in their subscription.

• Monthly subscription fee, currently €39 (excluding VAT) for Professional selling partners.
• Referral fees, which vary by product group. To learn more, see the Fee Schedule.
When I'm a Business seller, who can purchase my products?
As an Amazon Business seller, you'll enjoy all the privileges of a Professional selling account, with access to millions of customers across all Amazon product groups. You can also reach business customers directly using a number of unique features, including the option to limit the purchase of listings to business customers only. Millions of businesses in various industries purchase the products that they need on the Amazon Business store.
How do I join the Amazon Business seller programme?
Businesses that sign up for a Professional selling account through Amazon Business will receive the benefits of the Business seller programme once registration is complete.
Existing sellers with a Professional selling account can sign up at no additional cost.

Order shipping

How are orders handled by Amazon Business sellers?
To fulfil orders placed on the Amazon Business store, you can choose one of the following three methods:

1. Fulfilment by Amazon: orders are fulfilled by Amazon and your products are shipped from Amazon's state-of-the-art fulfilment centres. Fulfilment by Amazon orders get Prime status.

2. Fulfilment by seller: you fulfil orders directly from your location, following Amazon Business packaging requirements. Prime status does not apply to seller-fulfilled orders.

3. Hybrid approach: many organisations adopt a mixed fulfilment strategy, shipping certain products directly and others through Fulfilment by Amazon.
Does Amazon offer a shipping service to end customers for its selling partners?
Yes, if you choose to fulfil your customer orders yourself, we can help you with the shipping. Contact Amazon Shipping, Amazon's shipping service for all e-commerce with express delivery in Italy.

VAT Calculation Service

What are the advantages of subscribing to the VAT Calculation Service?
Amazon's VAT Calculation Service provides selling partners with tax calculation, VAT invoicing and tax calculation reporting on transactions.

By signing up for our VAT Calculation Service, Amazon Business selling partners will be able to present Amazon Business customers with prices excluding VAT. In addition, their listings will receive the "Downloadable VAT invoice" badge, which indicates guaranteed invoicing to business customers.
Is there an incremental fee to enrol in and use Amazon's VAT Calculation Service?
No. Amazon's VAT Calculation Service is available to all selling partners as long as they meet the basic eligibility criteria.
Is it mandatory to have a VAT number to enrol in Amazon's VAT Calculation Service?
Yes. Selling partners will be required to provide at least one valid European Union VAT number in order to sign up for the service.

Selling partners must provide all European Union VAT numbers associated with their business, including VAT numbers for the countries in which they stock inventory, for example under the Fulfilment by Amazon programme. Storing Fulfilment by Amazon units in a country other than your home marketplace involves additional VAT registration and tax reporting requirements for your business. If necessary, speak to your local tax advisor.

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