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Selling mobile phones online: how to get started

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It is possible to buy and sell a wide variety of products online, from the most diverse categories. Electronic devices are one of the most sought-after categories, in particular smartphones, whether new, used or refurbished.
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Selling smartphones online

You can sell your smartphones online through:
  1. Ad sites.
  2. Social media.
  3. Online sales websites.
When it comes to the first two methods, potential buyers are not always genuinely interested and assume that the price stated in the ad is negotiable, feeling that they are entitled to ask for a discount.
The third method allows you to make use of specialised online sites, where selling partners can create a virtual storefront where you can place your smartphones for sale. Potential buyers take a different approach and understand that the sales price is not indicative.

Selling smartphones on Amazon

To sell smartphones on Amazon, you need to register as a selling partner and choose between two sales plans:
  • Individual sales plan: with a fixed cost per item sold
  • Professional plan: at a monthly cost
You can always amend your selection at a later date: if, for example, you start with an individual plan and, over time, realise that the most convenient solution is a plan with a fixed monthly cost, then you are free to change your mind. Take the following steps and enter the smartphones you want to sell in the product category: Electronics. Amazon offers a comprehensive guide for new selling partners.

Amazon ReCommerce

For Italy, Amazon has launched the Amazon ReCommerce programme to offer its customers the opportunity to sell their used smartphones. The rating of the device depends on the condition in which it is sold. You will need to access the site’s main page and indicate the smartphone model in the appropriate text field or the IMEI. On the next page, state the condition of the product: like new, good or damaged.
Finally, enter your personal details, the shipping method and the IBAN at which to receive payment. Once the smartphone has been collected, Amazon will validate it and payment will be made within 48 hours. For more information, see the general terms of use and the official Amazon ReCommerce FAQ.


Is it possible to sell used smartphones on Amazon?
Yes, it is possible to sell new, used or refurbished smartphones on Amazon. For used smartphones, use the Amazon ReCommerce programme.
Are there any valid alternatives to traditional dropshipping?
No one plan is better than the others. The individual sales plan has a fixed cost per item sold, so it is recommended for those who plan to sell a limited number of items. A professional sales plan has a fixed monthly cost and is aimed at those selling larger quantities.
Can private individuals also sell smartphones online?
Yes, anyone can sell smartphones online, both individuals and retailers.

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€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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