Strategic Account Services Pro Plan

AOSOM saw a significant increase in sales after enrolling in the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan. Read more about how signing up for the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan helped its business on Amazon.

"More than 50% of our turnover in Italy comes from sales through Amazon"
Paolo Valassi, Sales and Marketing Manager for Aosom Italy Srl
AOSOM joined the Pro Plan in June 2019. "Amazon is a very significant channel for us, so we took the opportunity to join the programme to stay up to date on all options available to sellers, to learn about new features early on – such as the Seller Fulfilled Prime programme and managing bulky products – and to take part in pilot programmes."

Paolo tells us about one of the main benefits of the programme, namely having a Marketplace Consultant: "Having a contact person at Amazon is really important, not only to optimise how we manage our operations, but also to get advice on the best strategies to implement so as to grow our business further."

"Since we have been part of the programme, business has not only improved in terms of quantity and turnover, but also in terms of quality, because we are able to manage all our activity on Amazon in the best way possible."

Paolo also tells us about one of the first activities that Aosom took part in after joining the programme: "The first initiative that we were involved in was Prime Day 2019. By defining a thorough strategy, we were able to make many more deals available to customers than in the previous year, and we improved our revenue significantly."

Paolo's advice to other sellers who are interested in the programme is to "consider joining this programme as a real investment for your company; an investment that gives you the opportunity to optimise your work and, consequently, improve your sales on Amazon".


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