Environmental compliance

Use our compliance solutions to meet your environmental obligations.

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Environmental compliance

EPR services on Amazon

Demonstrate your compliance with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations.

EPR Services on Amazon is a compliance solution that helps you to meet extended producer responsibility requirements in Germany and France. We work with expert suppliers to facilitate the fulfilment of your obligations and compliance with current legislation. EPR Services on Amazon offers you support for registration, EPR statements, and authorised and legal representation.
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How it works

Step 1

Sign up for EPR Services on Amazon.

Step 2

You will be assigned a service provider who will contact you and guide you through the registration process.

Step 3

You will work directly with your supplier to submit one or more registration requests.

Step 4

Start filling in the declaration with the support of your EPR service provider, who will also help you to prepare the reports and send them to the appropriate authorities.

Amazon EPR Services rates and fees

EPR services on Amazon include a fixed fee for the registration service, an annual declaration service fee for the categories of EPR products that you sign up for, an annual fee for the authorised representation service (if applicable), and a one-time fee for the legal representation service (“proxy”).

For more details on Amazon EPR Services and the associated costs, download the following PDF document available in the following languages:

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*Registered sales partners only

Payment service in your name

To help you meet the requirements for extended producer responsibility, we declare and pay environmental eco-contributions on your behalf.

If you sell products subject to this regulation on using a French shipping address, but you have not registered with any competent organisation and have not provided Amazon with a valid UIN code for those products, you will not comply with the French legislation on extended producer responsibility.

If you have not provided your UIN code, Amazon will declare and pay the eco-contributions on your behalf. This solution is referred to as thePayment in Your Name* service.
* Currently only available in France

How it works

The Payment in Your Name service simplifies the compliance process, which is often complex, expensive and time consuming. To avoid deactivation of listings that do not comply with the extended producer responsibility regulations in France, Amazon will take the following steps on your behalf:

Step 1

Preparation and submission of reports with the details required by the competent organisations selected by Amazon.

Step 2

Submission of reports at the end of the reporting cycle (which may be quarterly, biannual or annual, depending on the organisation and category concerned) for each category subject to the EPR requirements.

Step 3

Payment of eco-contributions due to each competent organisation.

Step 4

Recovery of the relevant amount paid.
*Only for sales partners that are already registered

Amazon Compliance Solutions

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