Verification compliance

We want our customers to enjoy a trustworthy shopping experience on Amazon.

That's why we designed a swift and secure way to verify the identity of our sellers, allowing business owners to set up a seller account in moments.

As part of your identity verification, we will ask you for the information below. Be sure to check your emails and notifications on Seller Central for requests.
Amazon Verification Compliance

How it works:


Identity verification

Icon: Bank account verification
It is a procedure that includes all individuals registered on the account (primary contact, legal representative, beneficial owners, trustees, secondary users).


Address verification

Icon: Business verification
It is a procedure that includes all individuals registered on the account (primary contact, legal representative, beneficial owners, trustees, secondary users).


Bank account verification

Icon: Bank account verification
It is a check that is carried out the name and number of the bank account you've registered with us.


Business verification

Icon: Business verification
The documents required vary according to business type.


Why do I have to give this information?

Identity verification is required by law in order to use our payment service. You may need to provide us with information or documentation to pass these checks.
Amazon Seller Identity Verification Process

When do I have to give this information?

You can provide your information any time after you've registered. But until you do, you may have limited access to your account.

In addition to your verification at the time of registration, we may ask you to re-verify should your account information be updated. Amazon allows up to 60 days to complete re-verification, not including the time we take to complete the review. Your ability to sell and disburse funds may be restricted if re-verification is not completed within the 60-day time frame.

When we need more information, a notification will appear on your account information page. We may also provide additional information about the request in your performance notifications.

What happens if I don't give this information?

If you don't supply the information that we need, your account will be restricted and you won’t be able to sell on Amazon.
Verification process for Amazon Sellers

What happens if I do not want to accept the business agreements?

Accepting the "Amazon Payments UK – Selling on Amazon" user agreement and the "Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement" is a condition of registering for the service. If you do not agree to these terms, you will not be able to register for your selling on Amazon account, which will result in removal of your selling privileges on the Amazon EU stores.

What is the difference between a Private Person and a Business?

If you're registering as a Private Person, you are doing so in the context of a private activity. Registering as a Business seller means that you're acting in the context of a commercial or professional activity. Most of the time, Business sellers are registered legal entities. However, you may also act as sole proprietor without being registered as a company. In this case, make sure that you register as a Business and choose the right option in the drop-down menu.
Amazon Seller Registration Process

What is meant by "a legal representative of the business"?

A legal representative is a person who is authorised by your business to act on its behalf (for instance, accepting Terms & Conditions, opening a payment account etc.). The representative may be an owner of the business or someone who has the authority to act on behalf of the business. When you enter the legal representative's information, make sure it matches with the official documentation that you send to Amazon Payments UK.

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