For Brikoland, the advice received on how to make the most out of certain untapped opportunities proved to be a turning point. Read more about how signing up for the Strategic Account Services Pro Plan helped its business on Amazon.

"Joining this programme has allowed us to focus on our brand and manage it more effectively, so much so that we've decided to focus our efforts on a smaller selection of products. The result has been significant turnover generated by the sale of thousands and thousands of product units."
Stefano Daniele, IT Manager
Brikoland joined the Pro Plan in November 2019: "It's essential to have not only someone who looks after you, but also the chance to create your own business plan for growth, to get advice on how to manage the various programmes such as Fulfilment by Amazon, as well as the chance to access beta programmes."

Stefano tells us about the terrific support that they received when launching their brand: "By joining the programme, we've been able to work on developing the new brand from an advertising point of view as well, and we've had help accessing the US market."
"Time is of the essence, and our Marketplace Consultant supports us not only from an operational standpoint but also in planning our strategy and implementing it at the right time."
Summing up, Stefano tells us: "Since we joined this programme, our business has increased in terms of quality first and foremost, as well as quantity."
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