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Discover Amazon-approved third-party apps to help you automate, manage and grow your business.
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On average, selling partners1 see a 10% increase in sales from using applications.

Trusted third-party resources

Discover useful applications and find solutions to suit the specific needs of your business, from automated pricing and offer management tools to tools for shipping and tax services. We review all third-party apps and tools on the Seller Appstore and continuously monitor their performance to ensure that the Appstore only offers apps and services of the highest quality. Many applications focus on automating and managing repetitive and time-consuming day-to-day sales tasks, such as researching products, filling in tax forms or generating customised reports.





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Browse the Seller Appstore

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Save time and effort and quickly find the solution best suited to your specific needs with search and filter options.
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Browse collections such as recommended, popular, trending and recently viewed apps.
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Filter by category, supported programs, rating, language, supported marketplaces and more.
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Currency selector

Choose the currency for displaying prices.
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Detail page

Get help when making purchasing decisions with information and pricing, screenshots and more.
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Ratings and reviews

View ratings and reviews for each solution to make informed purchasing decisions.
On average, selling partners2 who make use of the listing management apps available on the Appstore list their product sales offers 37% faster.

Discover third-party resources on the Appstore in a growing number of categories

Product offer listing

  • Product research and scouting
  • Offer management
  • Automated pricing

Customer engagement

  • Feedback and reviews
  • Messaging between buyers and selling partners

Inventory and shipping

  • Inventory and order management
  • Shipping solutions

Financial data

  • Accounting
  • Financing and credit
  • Taxes
  • Analysis and report generation
  • Payment solutions


  • Optimised advertising
  • Promotions

E-commerce management

  • Connectors for E-commerce solutions
  • Full-service solutions
  • System integrators
On average, selling partners3 who make use of the apps available on the Appstore experience 43% shorter times from publication to their first sale.

How to use the Seller Appstore

Step 1

Visit the home page of the Seller Appstore and log in to your seller account.

Step 2

Browse or search using keywords to find the best solution for your business. You can also explore trending apps and recommended apps that are tailored to you.

Step 3

Use filters to narrow your results based on price, rating or other options to find what you need.

Step 4

Browse the results and use the short description to see which suggestions might be of interest to you at a glance.

Step 5

Once you've found a solution that interests you, visit the detail page to learn more.

Step 6

To learn more, visit the software partner's website.

Step 7

Finally, authorise the app to access your data by clicking the "Authorise now" button on the detail page.


Do the apps integrate with Seller Central?
Some apps are self-contained and others integrate directly with Seller Central, but all apps have access to the same data offered by Marketplace Web Service and the selling partner APIs.
How does Amazon control third-party apps?
Amazon reviews software and service developers and providers during the application process and continuously monitors the performance of resources to ensure that they comply with Amazon policies.
Where can I find support for my third-party app?
Please contact the software provider directly for any technical support or customer service enquiries. Amazon is not directly involved in developing or selling third-party apps. We encourage all users of software from our partners to leave ratings and reviews in the Seller Appstore.
How much do the apps cost?
Prices are set directly by the software providers. Pricing information is available on the detail page for each app.
Who is eligible to leave a review on the Seller Appstore?
Reviews for an application can only be left by verified users of that application from the Appstore, who have used the application or service for a certain period of time.
How are ratings calculated?
Amazon calculates product ratings based on a machine learning model rather than an average of raw data. The model takes into account factors that include the most recent or earliest date of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified buyers and factors that help determine the reliability of the person who left the review.
I am a new software developer. How can I be included in the Seller Appstore?
If you're a software developer looking to become a software partner, visit to learn more.

Seller Appstore

Discover Amazon-approved third-party apps to help you automate, manage and grow your business.
1 Analysis based on sellers selling on at least one Amazon marketplace worldwide using APIs to similar sellers who don't use APIs
2 Analysis based on sellers who used listings apps versus sellers who used other apps in the first 30 days
3 Analysis based on attributed sellers who had an average of 16.4 days before their first sale compared to unattributed sellers who had an average of 28.9 days before their first sale
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