Amazon Compliance Solutions

Find out how our compliance solutions can help you comply with sales obligations in Europe.
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We help you fulfil your compliance obligations so that you can focus on developing your business

Amazon's compliance solutions offer assistance in various sectors: from requesting a VAT number to the customs clearance and shipping service, through to support for managing VAT returns or extended manufacturer liability requirements. This allows you to spend more time growing and expanding your business in Europe. From tax compliance services to those for international trade, our wide range of solutions simplify the fulfilment of your obligations, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Amazon's Compliance Solutions are accessible directly from Seller Central and offer you support in complying with the main European regulations regarding VAT, the environment, products and international trade.

Benefits of Amazon Compliance Solutions

Single access point
To simplify regulatory compliance operations, you can access all of our compliance services from Seller Central.
High quality service
To ensure excellent service, we carefully select external service providers with whom we negotiate special rates for our sales partners.
Dedicated customer support
Our sales partner support team offer assistance in several languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese).

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