Guide to selling online

A seller's guide to creating an online store

More and more sellers are choosing to sell their products online. This article explains how to start selling by creating a virtual store on the Amazon website.
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
A seller's guide to creating an online store

How to start selling online

Selling online entails offering your customers a complete shopping experience from their very first visit through to taking delivery of the products at home. Creating an e-commerce website from scratch is expensive and requires technical knowledge that not everyone has, so using a website like Amazon is an excellent solution.

How to start selling online on Amazon

Once you’ve identified the product you want to sell online, the first step to start selling on Amazon is to register as a seller on the Amazon website.

There are two sales plans available: "individual" and "professional".

The individual plan is charged per item sold, while the professional plan is charged monthly regardless of the items sold.

The Amazon Seller University section contains a series of videos that will enable you to learn more about different aspects of selling on Amazon, as well as information on the options available for adding products to your virtual storefront.

Among the various services offered is Fulfilment by Amazon, better known by its acronym FBA, which is the programme that allows you to store your products at Amazon warehouses and have Amazon handle shipping, refunds and customer service.

How much does it cost to sell online on Amazon?

In addition to the fixed cost linked to the sales plan you choose, you should budget for the fees charged per product group for each item sold. For each item sold, Amazon deducts a percentage of commission based on the product group, calculating the amount using the total sales price.

There are also optional logistics management costs. There are no subscription fees, contracts or minimum inventory requirements. You send your products to the Amazon fulfilment centre, which then takes care of packaging and shipping. Furthermore, the service guarantees multilingual customer support that is available 24/7.

E-commerce is a new sector that is not replacing traditional commerce but working alongside it, following its own rules. This article explains how to start becoming part of the world of online selling by launching a successful business.


How do I choose the right online sales channel?
If you don't have the technical knowledge or resources needed to create your own website, using a site like Amazon—which comes with a whole host of extra services—is an excellent solution.
I'd like to start selling on Amazon, but I'm new to this — where do I start?
On Amazon Seller University, you will find several useful videos to help you on your journey.
I'd like to sell my products online but I don't have time to manage shipments — what can I do?
Don't worry! Amazon can help you with its Fulfilment by Amazon service, better known by its acronym FBA. This programme allows you to sell your products on the Amazon website, with the advantage of being able to store them at Amazon warehouses and have Amazon itself directly handle shipping, refunds and customer service.

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€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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