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Understanding tax codes and product regulations, creating effective listings and providing localised customer service can be complex when extending your business across borders. Tap into our logistics, tools and efficient customer service to take advantage of the opportunities arising from a continually growing pan-European customer base.
European Expansion Accelerator

Sell internationally with just a few clicks

Sell your products internationally using Amazon's brand new solution: the European Expansion Accelerator. The European Expansion Accelerator is a free automatic expansion solution that creates data sheets, sets prices, configures shipping settings and models, and enrols your products in logistics programmes in the stores where you choose to expand.
If you have already signed up for a professional selling plan and sell in at least one Amazon Europe store, a few clicks is all it takes to get started:
1. Choose stores to expand into
2. Accept the terms and conditions of international sale
3. Click on the 'Start Expansion' button

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One account – all of Europe

One account – all of Europe

With just one account, you can reach customers all across Europe through our five European marketplaces (Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.fr, Amazon.de, Amazon.it and Amazon.es). You can also manage all your listings and inventory in Europe.
Boost your sales with new opportunities

Boost your sales with new opportunities

With more than 30 product groups available, you can sell a huge amount of items on Amazon in Europe. Take advantage of European peak periods by honing your strategy using our European holiday selling calendar.
Manage taxes and payments

Manage taxes and payments

If you sell goods in any European country, it is likely that you will be required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is a tax in Europe on consumer spending. Our solution providers can help make your VAT registration straightforward and uncomplicated. Amazon accepts payment in many currencies and pays you in your local currency to streamline processing.


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Manage multiple European languages

There are over 200 languages spoken on the continent. But don't worry: Amazon's free listing and translation tools effectively remove language barriers between you and your customers. The dominant languages across each of our five marketplaces are covered: German, French, Italian, Spanish and of course English.
How to sell on Amazon Europe: Management of European languages

Four tips for selling across Europe

Helpful resources

VAT guidance

VAT guidance

Every country in Europe has its own VAT regulations. Amazon offers extensive resources to help you navigate your way through legislation, including VAT registration and returns. To connect with local experts, visit our VAT Knowledge Centre. You can also read all about what's required by downloading our EU VAT Guide.
Explore FBA's European solutions

Explore FBA's European solutions

Amazon offers three fulfilment solutions in Europe: Pan-European FBA, European Fulfilment Network and Multi-Country Inventory. To choose the one that suits your business best, see below. To help you stay informed of changes related to Brexit, please visit our Prepare your Amazon Business for Brexit help page (login required)
Explore Amazon Seller Help

Explore Amazon Seller Help

Find answers to all your questions regarding selling across Europe at this central resource.

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Selling on Amazon allows you to reach tens of millions of customers, whether you're selling one product or millions. Your account is set up to sell across Europe.
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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