Sell wine and alcoholic beverages online

Selling wine and alcoholic beverages online

E-commerce continues to grow. Services are becoming increasingly complete and faster and the range of products is constantly expanding. A new feature that few people know about today is the online sale of wine and spirits in general.
Amazon is listed among the various websites that offer the option of selling alcohol; this article will explain how to start this journey.
€39 (excl. VAT) per month.
Sell wine and alcoholic beverages online

Selling alcohol on Amazon

Amazon has rather strict rules for the sale of alcohol and only makes this category available once a special authorisation has been issued. First of all, you will need to create a business account on Amazon, which involves subscribing to a Professional sales plan. This includes the obligation to provide certain information relating to the company, such as the business profile, the details of participating members, the licence for the sale of alcoholic beverages issued by the Customs Agency and an ATECO code (specifically, 47.91.10 for Internet retail).

Once your account has been created, you will be taken to a control panel for managing your online store.

Here you will immediately notice the absence of the category relating to alcoholic beverages: to obtain it, you must make an explicit request to Amazon by clicking on the request authorisation button.

Obviously, this page can only be accessed if a seller account is registered. After this, all that's left is to wait for authorisation.
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Regulations on the sale of alcohol

The rules vary depending on the country of sale but, in general, it should always be kept in mind that it is not possible to sell alcohol to buyers under the minimum age for the consumption of alcohol established by current laws.

The alcohol content values must be indicated on all product pages, they must comply with the laws of the European Union and local laws, their labelling must be in the language of the site itself; for example, if you decide to sell in France on, the products must be labelled in French.


The seller can choose to ship their products directly to the customer or rely on the support of Amazon FBA. Specifically, if you decide to use the Fulfilment by Amazon service, there are requirements that must be met, especially with regard to packaging, and it must be taken into account that Fulfilment by Amazon cannot ship alcohol across borders.

In this article we have seen how the rapid evolution of the world of E-commerce has also led to the option of marketing wine and alcohol products online.


Can I sell alcohol on Amazon?
Yes, the website allows the sale of alcohol, but in order to do so you must meet specific requirements established by Amazon and you will have to wait for approval.
Can I sell alcoholic products on Amazon without a VAT identification number?
No, it is essential to have a VAT identification number and an ATECO code to be able to sell alcohol on the website.
Can anyone buy alcoholic products online?
No, it is not possible to sell alcohol to buyers below the minimum drinking age established by the laws in force in the country in which the sale takes place.

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€39 (excl. VAT) per month.
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