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How to sell clothes online

A product category that sells very successfully online is clothing, whether sporty, formal, or even designer.
Those interested in selling clothing online are often faced with some doubts and this article will explain how to get started.
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
sell clothes online

    Selling clothing online

    Many websites are used to sell clothing online – some are aimed directly at consumers, while others are designed for industry professionals. Social media support these websites because they make it possible to advertise the items for sale and point followers to websites that sell to the public.
    Amazon also allows clothing to be sold online and its visibility makes it an excellent solution.
sell clothes online

    Key aspects of selling clothing online

    One of the first aspects that needs to be taken into account when selling clothing online is that customers don't have the opportunity to try on and touch the garments – this makes it essential to create product information sheets with accurate yet attractive descriptions. Sizing plays an important role in the specifications of the garment and it is always advisable to insert tables indicating the sizes, taking into account the systems used in other countries.

    However, words alone are not enough to attract customers – photos play a pivotal role. These must be of excellent quality to allow potential customers to see the garment at every angle and its exact colour.
    An online clothing store will always go hand in hand with everyday life; consequently, the garments on sale must follow fashion trends just like those in any physical shop.

    Selling clothing online through Amazon

    The first step to selling clothing online through Amazon is to register as a selling partner and choose between two selling plans:
    • Individual selling plan: with a fixed cost per item sold
    • Professional selling plan: with a monthly fee
    The plans are interchangeable even after you've made your choice. This means that if, for example, you start with an individual plan and realise over time that a plan with a fixed monthly fee would be more convenient, you're free to change the selling plan you chose initially. All you have to do is follow the next steps and add the items of clothing you want to sell based on the categories offered.

    Amazon offers a comprehensive guide for first-time selling partners.

    The items of clothing that are allowed to be sold also include shoes, bags, leather accessories and accessories in general. Second-hand footwear or clothing cannot be sold, and neither can fur products, counterfeit clothing or military uniforms. More information on Amazon's guidelines and all the information about sizing is available on the website.

    This article explains how to start selling clothing online and which factors to keep in mind in order to be successful.


Can I sell clothing on Amazon?
Yes, clothing is allowed to be sold on Amazon. The first step to becoming an Amazon selling partner is to register as a selling partner on the Amazon website.
Can I sell second-hand clothing on Amazon?
No, Amazon does not allow the sale of second-hand clothing. Please refer to Amazon's guidelines for more information.
Why is sizing so important?
Sizing is very important because clothes can be tried on in a physical shop, but not on a website. Amazon clarifies this aspect in the sizing guide.
What are the benefits of selling clothes on Amazon?
Selling clothing or any other product on Amazon can help you increase your visibility, reach a larger customer base and make your brand and its online presence known.

You can also take advantage of programmes and services such as Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), which stores your products in Amazon's fulfilment centres and ships them to customers for you. This means that customers benefit from faster delivery of their orders and more accurate inventory management.
How to start selling clothes online on Amazon?
Here are the steps to follow to start selling clothing on Amazon:

1. Sign up for an Amazon seller account. You can see the requirements here.
2. To sell clothing on Amazon, you must choose the Professional selling plan and request approval.
3. List the products in the respective product group. Add product details and create a detailed page.
4. Attract customers by using different resources and services to increase brand exposure.
5. Track sales, provide excellent customer service, and explore all opportunities for growth.
What selling plan should I use to sell clothing on Amazon?
To sell clothing on Amazon, you must use the Professional selling plan, as this is a product group that requires approval.
How much commission does Amazon take when selling clothes?
The cost of selling on Amazon depends on your selling plan, product group, fulfilment strategy and other variables.

For the clothing product group, for products managed with Fulfilment by Amazon and Seller Fulfilled Prime, Amazon charges 15.45% for the first €45.00 of the total sales price and 7.21% for any part of the total sales price greater than €45.00. For all other selected products, there is a flat fee of 15.45% and the minimum commission per item is €0.30.

For more information on pricing and commissions, see the site.
Does Amazon allow you to sell your own clothing brand?
Yes, Amazon allows you to sell your own clothing brand.

You can use the Amazon Brand Registry to register your brand and have access to various resources to build your brand and increase its visibility, improve conversion rates, promote discoverability and protect intellectual property. To find out more, click here.
How do payment and delivery work if I sell my clothes on Amazon?
There are two main ways to ship your furniture products to buyers. You can use Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), a service where Amazon stores, picks, packs, ships, and provides customer service for your products; or you can ship them yourself.

Many sales partners use a mix between Amazon fulfilment and shipping their own orders. For more information on shipping and fulfilment, see the site.

As for payments with FBA, Amazon collects payments from customers and pays you the available amounts every two weeks.

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€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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