Making quality pet food stand out from the competition

"When they buy a product, customers think it's genuine, but sometimes that's not the case. Therefore, the damage that counterfeiting causes to a brand's reputation is enormous."
Daniel Scott
E-commerce Manager, Express Pet Supplies

Bon appétit!

When Express Pet Supplies was created, founder John Mason and e-commerce manager Daniel Scott were ready to face a tough challenge.

Pet owners are highly attentive customers and tend to ask vets for information, rather than searching the Internet.

Surveys indicate that, when it comes to food for their four-legged friends, people attach the same importance on the quality of the ingredients as they do to their own food, if not more.

This is why John and Daniel decided that quality would be Express Pet Supplies' hallmark.

"We want to provide healthy, nutritious and natural foods", Daniel said. "Customers know that our products contain great quality ingredients."

The fight against counterfeiting

Having demanding customers means that there is very little room for manoeuvre if some counterfeiters decide to exploit a brand's intellectual property and market a counterfeit version of a quality product.

In fact, customers are so attentive and care so much about the welfare of their animals that homemade food is the main competitor in the pet food industry. Poor quality or counterfeit products can jeopardise brands from the get-go.

"When they buy a product, customers think it's genuine, but sometimes that's not the case. Therefore, the damage that counterfeiting causes to a brand's reputation is enormous.

In summary, the buyer doesn't know where the product comes from. If you buy a certain brand, you expect to get exactly what you paid for."

From startups to international trade

Daniel and John's focus on quality was a winning choice.

Express Pet Supplies has experienced constant growth, even though in its first 14 years, until 2014, it didn't even have its own website. Daniel is convinced that this result has been achieved mainly thanks to Amazon:
We've sold our products on various websites, but Amazon has given us the most visibility. On this channel we made the most sales: from 80% to 90% of total revenue.
Daniel ScottE-commerce Manager, Express Pet Supplies
Their success on Amazon has driven them to take the brand to a new level. To achieve this, they had to register the logo and brand name.

Creation of the brand

Once they obtained the Express Pet Supplies trademark, they enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry. By doing this, they were able to protect their brand and greatly expand their presence on Amazon by enrolling in other brand creation programmes available in the Brand Registry.

"There are many advantages to joining the Brand Registry.

A+ Content and Sponsored Brands allow you to make your brand known to a wider audience of customers and showcase your products effectively. This helped us to advertise the quality of our products."

Registration in the Brand Registry prompted them to also enrol in Transparency and start taking advantage of its benefits in terms of brand protection.

"How can I describe Transparency in a single word? Exceptional!"

"Transparency allows the buyer to check for themselves that the item received is genuine. It's a very important guarantee, because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that the customer is satisfied."

Keeping customer satisfaction always front of mind, Express Pet Supply has become one of the first brands to share content through Transparency's new app-based engagement feature. According to Daniel, sharing brand history and product information combined with the ability to check the authenticity of products has reassured customers and consolidated trust in the brand's reputation.
The engagement function is an opportunity to provide customers with additional information about the products and the brand itself. In addition to ensuring customers receive what they ordered, it ensures message consistency and helps consolidate brand reputation.
Sales and the number of returning customers has also increased, further demonstrating the quality of Express Pet Supplies products.

We can face the future with peace of mind

Over the next five years, the pet food market is expected to boom and the future of Express Pet Supplies looks bright, thanks to the excellent reputation it has earned.

And it all started with Transparency.

"Transparency demonstrates how important it is for Amazon to protect manufacturers' brands and prevent attackers from marketing counterfeit and low-quality products on its platform. It's also proof that we want to provide customers with the highest quality.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Transparency, because it has helped our company grow immensely at a very reasonable cost. It represents exceptional value for money."
Transparency was a great choice.
On average, our sales increased by 50%, thanks to the quality of our products and our ability to eliminate counterfeiting. Counterfeit products are no longer likely to ruin our brand reputation.
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Get in touch with the Transparency team to learn more.

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