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Enable buyers to receive regular deliveries of the items that they need.
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€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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It's a breeze. You'll sell more. And your customers will keep coming back.
Schwartz BioresearchApril 2017, Health and Home
COMMITTED CUSTOMERS – Schwartz Bioresearch sells popular, high-quality supplements and vitamins. Since joining the Subscribe & Save programme, it has seen a significant increase in repeat customers, up from 10% to 30%. According to the company, "the biggest benefit of the Subscribe & Save programme is customer loyalty. Customers become repeat customers with minimal investment."

How it works

Amazon's Subscribe & Save programme offers discounted pricing, free delivery and the convenience of regularly scheduled deliveries for eligible products.

Phase 1

An Amazon customer wants to buy a product.

Phase 2

The customer sees the discounted price and convenience of regular deliveries for Subscribe & Save products.

Phase 3

Your new customer has just added your eligible Subscribe & Save product to their shopping basket.

Phase 4

Now you have a loyal regular customer.

Phase 5

You are now a reliable sales partner, and it's likely that this customer will buy other products from you.

Phase 6

With a dedicated Subscribe & Save storefront, you can attract committed buyers and reliable business.
Business that you can count on.
PuracyHealth and Home
CONSISTENT SALES – Puracy is an Austin-based company that offers natural personal care products. In just one year, the Subscribe & Save programme contributed 20% of its annual revenue. Subscribe & Save has helped Puracy reduce its user acquisition costs, make its business more reliable and expand its brand. And the best part? "It's business that you can count on."
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Manage your Subscribe & Save products in one convenient place

With the new Seller Central dashboard, you can easily:
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View all eligible products

Icon: search

Search for SKUs

Icon: list

Add some or all products to the programme

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View and sort based on offer status

Icon: on-screen chart

Take action in the event of out-of-stock items

Container of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides on its side
It's really convenient for the consumer.
Vital ProteinsApril 2017, Health and Home
EASY PURCHASES – Vital Proteins helps customers feel their best thanks to its exceptional nutritional products. All 10 offers are currently part of the Subscribe & Save programme, and the company likes the additional benefits that they offer customers. "People are getting busier and busier. With the Subscribe & Save programme, they don't have to add orders to their to-do list."

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Are you already selling on Amazon?
Are you new to Amazon?
€39 (excl. VAT) a month.
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